International Migrants Day Action Against Hunger

International Migrants Day

Recently, 163 Syrians arrived in Toronto, filled with joy and relief. They can finally – even for just a moment – stop worrying about whether there will be enough food on the table for tomorrow, or if there will be another tomorrow at all. But this is not the case for the other eight million […]

Syria: Much More than a Regional Crisis

Photo: copyright of  Stephen Dock, VU Hundreds of thousands of refugees As bombings continue, more and more Syrians are seeking refuge abroad, leading to strain on host nations and taking a powerful toll on the refugees themselves. As it stands now, some 900,000 Syrians are in Lebanon, 613,000 in Turkey, 590,000 in Jordan, 222,600 in […]

Fact Sheet: Syria

COUNTRY FACTS Location: Middle East Area: 185,180 km2 Bordering countries: Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey Population (2013): 22,457,336 Median age (2013): 22.7 years Life expectancy at birth (2013): 75.14 years Government type: republic under an authoritarian regime A COMPLEX HISTORY: SOME HIGHLIGHTS Damascus, the capital of Syria, was an important trade route in ancient times. […]

“We saw the dead at our feet”

Editor’s Note: The following was recounted by Florian Seriex, an Action Against Hunger communications specialist on site during a recent program assessment in the Syrian neighbour nation of Jordan. Article written by Elisabeth Rapport, senior communications officer at ACF USA. Photo F. Seriex. Mahmoud’s hair was unkempt, his face covered in stubble, and his clothes wrinkled when […]

Syrian Refugees: Over two million need help

  “People arrive without any material belongings, but with so much fear. They fear for themselves, for the family members they left behind, and for not being able to return home.” —Paolo Lubrano, Country Director, Action Against Hunger – Lebanon More than two million people have now fled Syria, often with little more than the […]