Refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan dream of home – and Europe

As footage from the world’s television stations plays in a loop, showing images of inflatable boats overloaded with refugees washing up daily on Greek beaches, hundreds of thousands of people are watching from Iraq, thinking about following them. Our Action Against Hunger minibus moves through the hills. On both sides of the road, a thin […]

Displaced Action Against Hunger

The uncertain future of Iraq’s displaced

In August 2014, thousands of people fled the fighting in the Sinjar region and the Ninewah Governorate to Iraqi Kurdistan with stories of the displaced trapped in mountains. A year later, the situation remains almost unchanged. The majority of Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) left the temporary shelters to live in camps with haphazard standards, while […]

World Refugee Day 2015 Action Against Hunger

World Refugee Day 2015: Fatima’s Story

In the above photo, Fatima is the woman second from the left in blue and white. There are more than 16 million refugees around the world, many of which are women and children.  This World Refugee Day 2015 we recognize the struggle of families who have been forced to flee their homes because of conflict […]

Kurdistan Action Against Hunger

The Summer Heat Brings More Hardship For Families in Iraqi Kurdistan

During the past year, worsening violence in Iraq has seen at least two million people forced to leave their homes. Many have headed to the Kurdistan region of Iraq, where an estimated 250,000 Syrian refugees were already sheltering, having fled violence in their own country. It is still early but people flock to the main shopping street […]

Finding Shelter from the Storms of War

Letter from ACF Canada’s Executive Director Susanne Courtney after a visit to Kurdistan Iraq After a few days in northern Iraq with the hardworking people of Action Against Hunger, I can’t let go of the face of the little boy – smiling at me, looking for a friendly face to smile back at him. He […]

20 years doing humanitarian work. But today was different.

Report from the frontlines in Iraqi Kurdistan. Photo by Rob Holden. While on a trip through the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Michael Penrose, Executive Director of ACF France, shared his observations – and his deep concern – with us. The following blog post was written by Mr. Penrose from Dahuk, August 28, 2014. “Whilst it […]