About Action Against Hunger Canada

Who we are

Action Against Hunger / Action contre la Faim is an international humanitarian organization that fights hunger and its root causes worldwide.

With almost 40 years of experience in conflict zones, natural disasters and response to food crises, Action Against Hunger is one of the most important international organizations specialized in addressing hunger and its underlying causes.

In 2017, thanks to your support, Action Against Hunger worked in 50 different countries around the world with more than 7,500 employees and volunteers helping 20 million people in need.


Why donate to Action Against Hunger Canada?

  • Malnutrition is deadly but there are solutions. Because of you, we can save lives by diagnosing, treating and preventing deadly malnutrition. Plus, we tackle the root causes of hunger using sustainable, community-focused methods, as well as providing emergency response.
  • Your donation is meaningful to us. Action Against Hunger is rigorously transparent with all our financial information and details of our programs. We have external auditors assess our programs annually and publish the results – including our areas for improvement, not just our achievements.

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The role of Action Against Hunger Canada

In 2006, the Action Against Hunger network established an office in Canada. Today, the Action Against Hunger Canadian leadership based in Toronto is integral to the effectiveness of the organization’s global efforts.

By donating to Action Against Hunger Canada, you support:

  • A SMART way to end hunger. By leading and championing a nutritional survey methodology called SMART, we foster better understanding of hunger in malnourished communities and the best ways to support them.
  • Field experts. The recruitment of committed Canadian experts who work alongside communities to save lives and develop sustainable solutions.
  • Public awareness. Supporting the ‘big picture’, global collaboration of governments, agencies and citizens to keep working on solving hunger.

You can help! Your support enables Action Against Hunger Canada to save lives and fight hunger sustainably. Please donate today!


Your support in action

Action Against Hunger takes a comprehensive approach to global hunger.

Thanks to your compassion, we are able to integrate activities in nutrition, food security, water and sanitation, health, and advocacy. In addition, we address the social, organizational, and technical challenges that cause hunger.

We provide emergency relief and focus on severe malnutrition, while also tackling underlying causes and working with local systems to transform short-term interventions into sustainable, long-term solutions. That includes a community-centred approach that involves local skills development.

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