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Annual Report 2021


Read Action Against Hunger Canada’s 2021 Annual Report highlighting the interventions made possible by donors like you. Along with donors around the world and support from Global Affairs Canada, together, we provided support to over 24 million people in 2021. Download the full report  

Floods in Pakistan Plunge Millions into Poverty

With the waters refusing to recede, vulnerable families face increasingly uncertain futures Since June, Pakistan has been facing an unprecedented climatic disaster. Massive floods have swept through the nation, destroying homes, hospitals, infrastructure, and roads. Large numbers of people have been trapped, unable to leave the hardest-hit areas. The flooding has also taken more than […]

Ukraine Attacks - Action Against Hunger

Ukraine: Attacks on civilian infrastructure leaving millions of people in need must stop now!

Humanitarian organisations condemn continued attacks on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine leaving people without water, electricity and heating in freezing temperatures. International and Ukrainian NGOs strongly condemn the latest round of air strikes across Ukraine by the Russian Armed Forces. News reports estimate that 10 civilians have died and at least 50 have been wounded. The […]

One woman’s mission to improve the health of her community

Nyanut used to leave home with her donkeys at 6am every day to fetch water. “I went every day and I travelled for over seven hours on foot and my donkeys carried the water on our way back. You would go thirsty, and your children would feel sick if you didn’t travel to the borehole […]

Ukrainian woman creates a delivery operation of humanitarian aid to hard hit areas across the country

Juliia’s Story Juliia, 37, and volunteer colleagues launched Help Ukraine Romania as part of Bukovinian Agency for Initiatives and Development (BAID) on 01 March, 2022. Juliia who has a PhD in Regional Economic Development and years of experience as project manager for international organizations, was determined to help facilitate humanitarian aid in response to the […]

The hunger crisis is still raging — and women and girls are suffering the most. Here’s what to do about it.

By Onome Ako; CEO, Action Against Hunger Canada Why it matters World hunger is worsening at an unprecedented rate and the impact of climate change, conflict, and soaring inflation is impacting farmers’ ability to grow food and families’ ability to afford what is available. One group is feeling the effects more acutely. Of the 828 […]