Young supporter’s donation leads to Action Against Hunger internship in Paris

For International Women’s Day, we are so excited to share Katya’s story and to celebrate all women who are committed to making a difference.

When Katya Ovchinnikova decided to ask her friends for donations to Action Against Hunger in lieu of gifts for her 11th birthday party in Toronto back in 2013, she had no idea it would eventually lead to an internship with Action Against Hunger in Paris.

Like many compassionate Canadian kids, Katya sent her birthday invitations through ECHOage, an online platform that helps young philanthropists use special occasions like birthdays to raise money for their favourite charity. Funds raised through ECHOage are split, with at least 50% going to Action Against Hunger, and the rest going to the birthday boy or girl. Guests can RSVP through ECHOage’s website and receive a tax receipt for their gift.

Katya chose Action Against Hunger because she believes all children should have enough to eat. She didn’t know at the time that her choice would help shape her future and the future of others in need.

Fast forward three years and Katya, now in ninth grade, needed to arrange an internship as part of her studies. Katya’s mom, Mila, contacted Action Against Hunger to see if there were any opportunities for Katya to join the team.

It turned out there was, and Katya joined the team at Action Against Hunger’s France headquarters to intern with the Youth Service department, where she worked with primary, middle, and high school students to raise awareness about the global fight against hunger.

“I really enjoyed my internship and discovered a lot of interesting things,” said Katya. “I think Action Against Hunger is a great place to work . . . what they do is simply amazing.”

Mila is thankful Katya chose to support Action Against Hunger in 2013 because the entire experience has fostered a “humanitarian spirit” in her daughter. “We are so very grateful to the Action Against Hunger team at both the Toronto and Paris offices for providing our daughter with such a meaningful experience.”

What’s next for Katya? The Grade 9 student says she dreams of one day being a surgeon or astronaut.

Good luck, Katya, and thanks for your support!


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