Young Canadians, Vital Agents of Change

Today, in honour of International Youth Day, we would like to highlight the commitment young Canadians have made in the fight against child malnutrition.

Each year hundreds of young Canadians make a difference by participating Action Against Hunger’s Students Against Hunger program. This program offers a wide variety of fundraising activities allowing students to become true agents of change.

Students continue to raise funds to support our programs internationally, whether it is through the Race Against Hunger, selling seeds or cakes, organizing their own famine challenge, or participating in a game night. Through organizing and participating in these events, students not only raise vital funds, but they also become aware of the impact they can have when they work together.

I see my engagement with Action Against Hunger as an opportunity to participate in a cause far greater than myself,” Toluwanimi Olubode, an Action Against Hunger Student Ambassador in Toronto explains. “By fundraising with Action Against Hunger, I hope to contribute to sustainable solutions and create opportunities for youth around the world who don’t have the same advantages as I do.”

The Students Against Hunger program not only educates young people on the various realities of the world, but it is also an opportunity for youth to become creative and responsible young leaders.

Since January 2015, over $8,200 has been collected to save the lives of over 180 children. Young Canadians can be proud of themselves as they helped to save hundreds of lives on the other side of the globe.

Rachel Levesque, volunteer at Action Against Hunger since September 2014 explains why she chose to get involved and help our teams to teach students about global hunger:

“Volunteering for Action Against Hunger allows me to take concrete action for a cause that is close to my heart. By raising awareness in schools, I can convey Action Against Hunger‘s values, talk about the missions in the field and succeed in touching other students so they get involved in the fight against hunger! “

For Action Against Hunger, supporting youth is essential. This is why every year we work in order to get more young people involved in order to have the opportunity to play their full role as global citizens. By becoming aware of international issues and feasible solutions to end hunger, future generations can make informed and responsible choices. This is what makes change possible.

If you want to join the group of young Canadians engaged against hunger by organizing an event at your school or with friends, do not hesitate to contact Karine Parvin at 416-644-1016 ext 205 or email to


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