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Yemen can’t wait

Yemen can’t wait.

As the New York Times recently noted following its publication of photos of emaciated, malnourished children in Yemen: “we are asking you to look.”

We, too, are asking you to look. And we are asking for your help. Right now, more than 11 million Yemeni children are in desperate need of humanitarian aid – nearly every child in the country.

There is an extreme shortage of food, fuel and medicines: 8.4 million people are on the brink of starvation, and the UN has called it the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.
Difficult to imagine? We are asking you to look.

Yet despite difficult access – and thanks to your support – Action Against Hunger reached more than 600,000 people in Yemen last year. Because of your generosity, our existing nutrition and health programs are currently providing support for acutely malnourished children under five and their mothers, as well as water, sanitation and hygiene programs. But the scale of the crisis is growing by the day and today we are coming to you again: we need your help to save more lives.

“I know that we as Canadians can do more to reduce the suffering and give families access to food and water,” says award-winning author Kamal Al-Solaylee. “To me, Yemen is my homeland, the place where I was born and the place where most of my family still lives . . . this is why I support Action Against Hunger in Yemen.”

Yemen can’t wait.
The children literally cannot wait another day.

Please help children in crisis by making an emergency gift today.

Danny Glenwright
Executive Director
Action Against Hunger Canada

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