World Health Day 2018: Partnering with communities for a healthier Cambodia

World Health Day Action Against Hunger

Photo: Guy Calaf for Action Against Hunger, Cambodia
Over the last century, the world has made remarkable progress toward becoming a healthier place. We have created vaccines and eradicated diseases, reduced the number of children who die of preventable causes by half, improved access to clean, safe water for billions of people, and achieved countless more milestones.

But progress has not yet reached everyone: many communities still face health challenges that can be solved. These communities are why the United Nations created World Health Day, marked each year on April 7. It is an opportunity to call attention to the vast inequities that persist in global health and to spotlight efforts to improve health for every person on the planet.

This World Health Day, Action Against Hunger is highlighting our work to improve health and nutrition in Cambodia – all powered by partnerships with vulnerable communities and their leaders.

Despite tremendous progress in reducing the number of people living in poverty over the last decade, Cambodia remains one of the poorest and least developed countries in Asia. Many Cambodian families suffer from chronic hunger and are extremely vulnerable to unpredictable climate shocks.

Action Against Hunger’s teams spent months in villages in Preah Vihear Province, listening to communities and conducting assessments to identify both the challenges and the solutions to overcoming chronic hunger. The result: our holistic, integrated approach to improve health and nutrition among children and to help communities build resilience.

Because you believe in the work we do, we are able to work with the most vulnerable families to empower them to improve nutrition and to strengthen their capacity to overcome hunger. Together with local partners, we aim to provide safety nets, prevent the outbreak of disease through better sanitation and hygiene practices, and increase the access of vulnerable families to food and income. Our projects are designed to help communities build resilience to hunger and to prevent and reduce malnutrition for years to come.


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