The Real Reason Thanksgiving Makes People Happy

(4-year-old Dennis, from West Pokot, Kenya, eats nutrient- and protein-packed Plumpy’nut. Photo: S. Hauenstein Swan)

Which flavours are you looking forward to this Thanksgiving? Maybe crisp apples or tart cranberries are on your mind. Or perhaps the scent of cinnamon and spiced pumpkin. Or you’re a turkey fan, craving moist turkey meat, rich gravy and creamy potatoes… I’m making myself hungry just writing this.

No doubt about it, Thanksgiving is a pretty delicious holiday. But did you know the real reason Thanksgiving is bound to make you happy? No, it’s not pumpkin pie…

It’s because the holiday is also time – you guessed it – to give thanks. Research shows that gratitude is actually a pretty important factor in happiness, and that humans even have a biological need for these personal connections.

Sharing – whether it’s slicing up the bird to make sure everyone gets their favourite mix of white or dark meat, donating to a food bank, or inviting a guest to sit at your table – is something that seems to come naturally to most people, even at a very young age.

It’s in the spirit of sharing that we are launching our “Love Food Give Food ” campaign. From October 16-30, (right after this Thanksgiving weekend), this campaign will invite food-lovers in Toronto and Montreal to add a small donation to their bill at participating restaurants. This will help Action Against Hunger to raise awareness and funds for our global efforts to end severe malnutrition.

“Love Food Give Food” is an ideal way for people who love dining out to ensure those who are less fortunate get fed as well. What better way to give thanks than by helping others while eating well?

To find out more about Love Food Give Food and which restaurants are teaming up with ACF Canada on this exciting campaign, click here.

Meanwhile, whether or not a Thanksgiving meal is on your agenda this weekend, we hope you’ll enjoy the flavours of fall, in whatever way they make you happy.

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” – Maya Angelou

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