Our role in the battle against malnutrition

Solutions to Malnutrition – Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger firmly believes that no child should suffer from malnutrition. Action Against Hunger also believes that acute malnutrition can be overcome.

Every day, tens of thousands of professionals around the world work around the clock to save children dying from acute malnutrition. Action Against Hunger addresses acute malnutrition on several fronts:

Identification and diagnosis

Analyzing the nutritional situation at the community level, identifying the causes of malnutrition and the risk factors.

Treatment and nutritional care

Through home treatment, mobilizing communities, and developing nutritional products for the most vulnerable people, including those suffering from diseases such as HIV and AIDS or tuberculosis.

Prevention and risk reduction

In all areas of intervention: promoting an integrated, multi-sector approach through food security, public health, and access to water, hygiene and sanitation.

Strengthening capacity and sustainability

  • Integrating actions and services into Ministry of Health programs and public health structures to ensure that they are sustainable;
  • Sharing its know-how and expertise from decades of experience with local organisations around the world; developing strong local capacity and building long-term alliances.

Research and innovation

Striving constantly to improve the quality and the impact of Action Against Hunger’s work.

Political impact

  • Communicating that acute malnutrition is preventable through outreach campaigns, advocacy, and coordinated activities.
  • Promoting access to nutrition treatment through community-based programs;
  • Encouraging innovation and research to develop effective nutritional products ;
  • Establishing an integrated approach extending from assessment to treatment to prevention, and including both causes and consequences of malnutrition.


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