Donate on Valentine’s Day

Support our work this Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, let us do more to share the love than just give our friends and family flowers and chocolate. Now you can share your love of Action Against Hunger by donating in honour of the special people in your life! This helps provide way more than chocolates and flowers, and your gift lasts for more than one day!

Your donation can provide a malnourished child with the therapeutic nutrition treatment they need to restore their health — and their future.

This lifesaving gift shows you care not only about your loved ones, but also about creating a world without hunger. Donate today to show your love for others, and support the work that we do to fight child malnutrition.

Thank you for your support of our work. We value your and hope we can remain connected in 2022 to share with you the work your support makes possible. We wish all a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Let’s get started.


If form doesn’t load above this message, you can also donate through PayPal or give us a call toll free at +1 (844) 644-1016 x 1.