PRESS RELEASE: Action Against Hunger On the Ground in the Philippines

|November 11 ,2013 11:16am|

Action Against Hunger / Action contre la Faim (ACF) continues to provide swift, strategic emergency relief efforts for those affected by Typhoon Haiyan. The following update summarizes current actions:

– Action Against Hunger sent 8 tons of emergency supplies to affected regions.

– Stocks of emergency equipment including water treatment plants and pumps, kits containing chlorine tablets for the purification of water, and buckets for the distribution of water and soap were sent by ACF Monday morning on a flight organized by AECID (Spanish Agency for the International Cooperation for Development).

– Thus far, the Filipino government has declared a state of emergency in a total of 9 regions; including 37 provinces, 38 cities and 215 municipalities. Due to difficulties in access and communication, it is currently not possible to carry out a rapid assessment of the urgent needs in several of the affected zones.

“Access to humanitarian aid in the affected zones is becoming more and more complicated; the communication systems have collapsed preventing the correspondence with the technical specialists from Action Against Hunger who are on the ground”, – Kristine Calleja, the Advocacy and Communication Manager, from ACF Philippines – Manila.

For more information, contact:

Camille DePutter, Director of Communications

Action contre la Faim | Action Against Hunger Canada

Office: 416.644.1016 x 6

mobile: 416-648-4400


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