Donation Page – Turkey Syria Earthquake 2023


Earthquakes Devastate Türkiye and Syria: Action Against Hunger Deploys Emergency Team.

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck southeastern Türkiye and northern Syria early the morning of February 6. Hours later, an additional 7.5 earthquake struck central Türkiye.  

While the full toll of these disasters is unknown, over 41,000 people have lost their lives, and thousands more have been injured or had their homes and livelihoods destroyed. 

Action Against Hunger immediately mobilized its earthquake response team, including specialists in emergency response logistics; food and nutrition; and water, sanitation and hygiene.  

In coordination with authorities in both countries, the Action Against Hunger team is assessing local needs and helping manage earthquake response, including supporting the rapid distribution of food, hygiene products, and clean water.  

Making matters worse, winter weather in the region has brought snow and temperatures below zero. With millions already in precarious housing before the earthquake, there aren’t enough safe places to shelter those affected. Supplying shelter, heaters and warm clothes are our primary concern. 

As we continue to access needs and distribute aid, flexible and rapid funding will remain essential for quickly scaling up our response and mobilizing new emergency activities.  

If you can, please support our efforts to deliver emergency care to the people of Türkiye and Syria.  

By donating today, you can help make sure urgent, life-saving aid reaches families in need as quickly as possible.