Thousands of families devastated by floods in Northern India

Although the monsoon season has just started, extreme weather over the last fortnight has affected more than 180 villages and destroyed 1,000 homes in north India. The extremerains have caused two key rivers to rise and pour over the region, increasing the risk of waterbourne disease.

Uttarakhand borders Nepal in a mountainous area that was already difficult to access. Now, landslides have destroyed parts of the road network, leaving between 50-60,000 people blocked in and impossible for emergency relief workers to reach.

Approximately 10,000 soldiers from the Indian army have been deployed to assist people in urgent need of food, first aid, shelter and clean drinking water.

Action Against Hunger teams are mobilised and together with local and national partners, the humanitarian organisation is launching an urgent multi-sectoral assessment, to evaluate the needs of affected families.

Picture Credit: ©REUTERS/Ahmad Masood


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