The Truth Revealed about the Assassination of 17 Humanitarian Aid Workers in Sri Lanka

Warning: This report contains content that some may find disturbing.

Ahead of International Human Rights Day, observed on December 10th, Action Against Hunger publicly announces who is responsible for the assassination of the 17 humanitarian aid workers killed on 4th August 2006 in the city of Muttur, Sri Lanka. In one of the most heinous crimes ever committed against humanitarian workers, the 17 aid workers were lined up, forced to their knees and each shot in the head.

The Truth Revealed About the Assassination of 17 Aid Workers in Sri Lanka, the report unveils that according to the proof ACF holds, the aid workers were assassinated by members of the Sri Lankan security forces and the criminals were protected by Sri Lankan top authorities.

For more information, please visit the dedicated website here. Warning: This website contains content that some may find disturbing.



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