The Leaders of Tomorrow Against Hunger

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Four years ago, the “Leaders of Tomorrow Against Hunger” club was created at Romeo Dallaire school in Barrie (Ontario). Each year, the student club takes part in the fight against malnutrition by organizing fundraising activities at their school.

Mrs. Danica Fisher, a teacher at Romeo Dallaire, has been very involved with the club since it’s creation:

“I firmly believe that the future success of my students depends on their knowledge and skills of critical and creative thinking that they can develop in my classes. However, I am also convinced that social commitment and empathy will be as important to their success. That’s why I got involved as trainer and advisor to various teams and clubs from the beginning of my teaching career.

The “Leaders of Tomorrow Against Hunger” club, in particular, is very important to me. This dynamic and motivated club is an initiative launched by some students four years ago. Each year, […] we plan and coordinate the fundraising activities against hunger, including a 30 hour famine challenge. We enjoyed this activity because it allowed us to raise approximately $ 4,000 for ACF in three years, but it’s also a way to educate students from our school on the reality of malnutrition and food security problems. The ACF Canada team are allies who effectively and enthusiastically support our efforts. I feel really privileged to work with the student club and ACF Canada. ” Danica Fisher, science teacher at school Roméo Dallaire, Barrie (ON), Canada