Missed Kitchen Talk? Watch it here

Kitchen Talk - Action Against Hunger

On Tuesday June 30, we hosted Kitchen Talk: a virtual cooking class and fundraiser for our global COVID-19 response.

If you weren’t able to make it, you can now watch the entire event below!

Enjoy Chefs Joshna and Rossy’s cook off, and add two potato salad recipes to your summer rotation! You’ll also learn about the challenges facing the East Africa region from our Health and Nutrition Coordinator in Kenya Jemimah Khamadi Wekhomba, as she discusses our response with award-winning CBC broadcaster Nana aba Duncan. 

Watch the event until the end: Layne the Auctionista shows you how to put a twist on a classic cocktail.

We will continue to deliver lifesaving programs in more than 40 countries. As our colleague Hajir said, the humanitarian sector must expand its capacity to address this COVID-19 crisis. But we need your support. Please donate to ensure that the most vulnerable are not left behind.