Teaching about giving: it’s never too early!

Educator Holly Totten guiding a group of students with the art canvas for their calendar.

2000 days Pre-Kindergarten is helping other young children around the world with Action Against Hunger. Here’s how they turned an art project into a creative way to make a difference!

At the end of 2014, 2000 days Pre-Kindergarten school in Calgary decided to combine their art project with their community involvement work. Each class worked together on one piece of art, which was then sold, at an auction to parents. Images of each piece of art were also used to make a 2015 calendar.

Winning artwork

The winning artwork that became the cover of 2000 Pre-K’s 2015 Calendar

Owner and teacher Ms. Marlene Kepka organized the fundraiser:

“The children really enjoyed participating and making their art pieces and the parents were really impressed and supported the idea. Parents who had bid for a canvas and did not win said that they were glad that the art was in the calendar.

It was also great to see how the children came together to create their art piece based on the month they were assigned and then to see it auctioned during our Winter Festival. I was proud of our children for what they had created and parents were very interested in the completed work.

There is a quote that states, “Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate”. In order to start making a difference; we, as the educators and adults need to be their positive role models. Therefore by being involved in initiatives such as this and encouraging children to participate will give them the experience to become citizens who will contribute to their local and global community.”

Winter Recital Silent Auction for AH 2014

Thank you Ms. Kepka and 2000 Days Pre-K!



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