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Clean water and better health in Yemen

In the small village of Al Gaza’ in Yemen, war and conflict have devastated the community. Although difficult, life before the war was still somewhat comfortable. Back then, some services, such as water and sanitation, were not yet available but residents were able to buy water that was trucked in. Construction of a water network […]

Conflict in Yemen and Humanitarian Operations Action Against Hunger

Yemen: Escalation of fighting in Hodeida threatens humanitarian assistance

With the ongoing clashes around the frontline of Hodeida, one of Action Against Hunger’s main warehouses serving humanitarian operations in the country suffered collateral damage from the ongoing conflict. After calls for a ceasefire by the international community only a matter of weeks ago, this is a deeply disturbing development. Action Against Hunger calls on […]

Humanitarian Crisis Action Against Hunger

Three years of conflict in Yemen: The human toll

Photo: Florian Seriex for Action Against Hunger, Yemen   CURRENT HUMANITARIAN CRISIS “Today, if bombs don’t kill you, it’s illness, lack of food and healthcare or the exorbitant costs of necessities which will. This war is claiming the lives of countless indirect victims.” Lapo Samigli, Action Against Hunger Country Director, Yemen Yemen is the largest […]

Crisis in Yemen

Crisis in Yemen: Action Against Hunger’s Response

Photo: Photo: Florien Seriex for Action Against Hunger, Yemen As Yemen enters its fourth year of war this week, 22 million people ─ more than 80 percent of the population ─ are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Nearly 10,000 lives have been lost as a result of the conflict between Al Houthi forces and government […]

Malnutrition in Children Action Against Hunger


Action Against Hunger’s emergency nutrition program in Al Khukha, Yemen. Photo: Florian Seriex for Action Against Hunger-Yemen   Action Against Hunger warns that four times more children are at risk of dying of hunger in the Yemen governorate of Hodeidah than when the conflict began. At least 462,000* children are now estimated to be suffering from […]

Yemen: Life under siege

In March 2015, a coalition led by Saudi Arabia began military operations in Yemen after Houthi rebels took over major cities. For the past 18 months, children and their families in Yemen have lived with blockades, aerial bombing and deprivation on a staggering scale. Since the start of air strikes in 2015, the conflict has […]