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Hawa Helps Malnourished Children - Action Against Hunger

Meet Hawa, a Health Worker Saving Lives in Mali

Hawa Coulibaly. Photo: Toby Madden for Action Against Hunger. Meet Hawa Meet Hawa Coulibaly, a 30-year-old community health worker trained by Action Against Hunger. She lives and works in the remote village of Kourougue in rural Mali. Along with being a health worker, Hawa is also a mother. From the home where she raises her three […]

Signs of acute malnutrition and MUAC Action Against Hunger

Empowering mothers to detect acute malnutrition in Kenya

A new study by Action Against Hunger and partners indicates that mothers can use a simple armband/tape (MUAC tape) measurement tool to accurately screen their children for acute malnutrition. Mothers are powerful. We have always known it. So we are happy to share some important new findings. For nearly forty years, in our efforts to […]

MUAC armband Action Against Hunger

For mothers in Kenya, the path to healthier children is colour-coded (MUAC armband)

Photo: Lys Arango for Action Against Hunger, Kenya   Action Against Hunger is empowering mothers like Elisabeth to use colour-coded armbands (MUAC armband) to detect their child’s nutrition status – an effort that could help screen thousands more children for deadly malnutrition. Elisabeth, 28, lives in Tupendane, a village two hours away from Isiolo, a […]