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Hygiene Kit - Action Against Hunger

Emergency Water Trucking Provides Relief & Safety to Women in Somalia

Photo: Action Against Hunger, Somalia Around the world, women and girls are responsible for fetching water in 80% of households. When water is scarce, their journey to find water is often longer and more dangerous. Women and girls face the risk of sexual and gender-based violence while walking for hours out in the open to […]

Drought in the Horn of Africa - Action Against Hunger

“Our Future is Bright”: Women Farmers in Kenya Weather the Drought

Photo: Peter Caton for Action Against Hunger, Kenya Rosina leads a group of more than 20 women in Kapkitony, a village in northwestern Kenya, in the fight against hunger. Their work is more important now than ever, as the severe, prolonged drought in the Horn of Africa puts more than 20 million people at risk […]

Yemen War - Action Against Hunger

Living Through Yemen’s War: Nada’s Story

Action Against Hunger’s Communications Officer in Yemen, Nada al-Saqaf, shares her story of what life has been in Yemen, before and during the seven-year conflict. Where I grew up, in Yemen’s Lahj Governorate, was filled with joy and fun. My older brother, sister, and I used to go with our grandmother to the green fields […]

Severe Drought Somalia - Action Against Hunger

“What Can I Give Her?” Desperate Mothers Forced to Flee in Search of Food in Somalia

Photo: Ahmed Issak Hussein for Action Against Hunger, Somalia Mumina Afyarow has no milk left to breastfeed her youngest daughter, just five months old. “What can I give her?” asks the 29-year-old mother of three children under six. In Southwest Somalia, severe drought and extremely limited access to clean water and health services have left […]

Crisis in Ukraine - Action Against Hunger

Crisis Update: Conflict in Ukraine

Photo: Reuters – Annabelle Chih More than 4 million people have already fled their homes in Ukraine. An estimated two million people have sought refuge in other parts of the country, and 660,000 more in neighbouring countries. People are in urgent need of food, water, shelter, and health services. With no end in sight to […]

Integrated Fight Against Chronic Malnutrition - Action Against Hunger

Strengthening Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Mali

Aminata Maïga, obstetric nurse. Photo: Action Against Hunger Within the framework of the integrated fight against chronic malnutrition in Mali project, funded by Global Affairs Canada, Action Against Hunger organized a training session from November 16 to 20, 2021 to strengthen the technical skills of maternity ward managers in sexual and reproductive health in Bafoulabé. […]