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Global Hunger Action Against Hunger

Starved not starving: why is hunger on the rise?

1 in 9 people in the world today are affected by hunger and malnutrition, according to the UN’s latest annual report on global hunger. Over half of these people live in conflict-affected countries. Hunger and conflict are often intrinsically linked; while conflict creates hunger, hunger can also lead to conflict. The UN officially recognized the […]

Measuring a nutrition crisis Action Against Hunger

Measuring a Nutrition Crisis: A data-driven approach to fighting hunger

Photo: Lys Arango for Action Against Hunger, South Sudan.   Two years ago this week, famine was declared in parts of South Sudan. Famine is a rare and specific technical classification of food insecurity, mortality, and malnutrition among populations. It is declared when the following criteria are met, among others: 1 in 5 households face […]

Venezuelans cross the Colombian border Action Against Hunger

25,000 Venezuelans cross the Colombian border every day

Photo: Simon Bolivar for Action Against Hunger, Colombia.   The flow of Venezuelans at the northeastern Colombian border city of Cúcuta is constant. “People come to buy food, medicines, hygiene items and basic goods, or to sell jewellery and other small technological goods – many women are even selling their hair,” says Luis Fernando Ramírez, […]

Action against anemia Action Against Hunger

#IDW2019: Taking action against anemia in Peru

Photo: Norma gathers vegetables from her garden. Photo by Lys Arango for Action Against Hunger Peru. In Santiago de Lucanamarca, Peru, 1 out of 3 girls and boys suffer from chronic malnutrition and 3 out of 5 girls and boys suffer from anemia (What it is anemia? It is a deficiency of red blood cells […]

Signs of acute malnutrition and MUAC Action Against Hunger

Empowering mothers to detect acute malnutrition in Kenya

A new study by Action Against Hunger and partners indicates that mothers can use a simple armband/tape (MUAC tape) measurement tool to accurately screen their children for acute malnutrition. Mothers are powerful. We have always known it. So we are happy to share some important new findings. For nearly forty years, in our efforts to […]

Fight against hunger Action Against Hunger

Championing Gender in the Fight Against Hunger

In our fight for a world free from hunger, it’s essential that we understand the different experiences women, men, girls and boys have in the countries in which we work. Thanks to your support, Action Against Hunger is committed to addressing these different needs in our work while also ensuring we create a gender-sensitive and […]