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Rice Farm - Action Against Hunger

How ‘planting grass’ saved a village from hunger

Action Against Hunger Program Co-ordinator Joe Joe Zubahyea teaches local women in Paguir, South Sudan on how to plant rice properly. Photo: Peter Caton, Action Against Hunger South Sudan ‘Who is this person that Action Against Hunger brought who is planting grass!?’ is the first thing people thought after seeing Head of Base, Joe Joe […]

World Hunger Day - Action Against Hunger

World Hunger: Key Facts and Statistics on Hunger 2022

Photo: Action Against Hunger What is Hunger According to the UN’s Hunger Report, hunger is the term used to define periods when populations are experiencing severe food insecurity—meaning that they go for entire days without eating due to lack of money, lack of access to food, or other resources. 1 What is the definition of […]

four mothers - Safiya - Action Against Hunger

Meet four mothers who came to Action Against Hunger for help

Safiya gives her severely malnourished daughter Fardosa Plumpy’Nut at Yabelo General Hospital, Ethiopia. Photo: Peter Caton for Action Against Hunger In Ethiopia, over 35% of children suffer from malnutrition, and climate change is making the problem worse. Longer periods of drought mean that crops will not grow, and livestock have no grass to eat. In […]

Hunger Season Sahel - Action Against Hunger

Hunger Season Arrives in the Sahel

In the Sahel, food insecurity has reached unprecedented levels. Photo: Olivia Gay for Action Against Hunger, Mali. More than 29 million people in this region of West Africa face hunger and are in need of urgent assistance – triple the number just two years ago. In the Sahel – the semi-arid region of West Africa […]

Protecting Children from Hunger Action Against Hunger


Famakan Kiabou, a Community Health Worker trained by Action Against Hunger in the remote village of Kourounan, Mali, screens a child for malnutrition. Photo: B.Stevens/i-Images for Action Against Hunger, Mali   This Father’s Day, we want to pay tribute to the many fathers and men around the world fighting to protect children from hunger and […]

India second wave covid

As India battles second wave of COVID-19, Action Against Hunger responds to looming hunger crisis

Food basket distribution in Mumbai. Photo: Sudharak Olwe for Action Against Hunger, India. As India continues to battle the latest wave of COVID-19, Action Against Hunger is working to support the overburdened health system and respond to a looming hunger crisis. The pandemic has intensified food insecurity across the country, disrupting supply chains, limiting employment […]