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Fighting Malnutrition From The Vegetable Garden - Action Against Hunger

Fighting malnutrition from the vegetable garden

As Mother’s Day approaches, we are highlighting the hard work of women across the globe who grow food to fight hunger and support their families. Gardening to fight malnutrition in Nigeria In the Yobe region of Northeast Nigeria, hunger and conflict are closely tied. Violence and instability create harsh conditions that prevent many families from […]

Global Hunger Action Against Hunger

Starved not starving: why is hunger on the rise?

1 in 9 people in the world today are affected by hunger and malnutrition, according to the UN’s latest annual report on global hunger. Over half of these people live in conflict-affected countries. Hunger and conflict are often intrinsically linked; while conflict creates hunger, hunger can also lead to conflict. The UN officially recognized the […]

Conflict in South Sudan Action Against Hunger

South Sudan plunges into preventable catastrophe: 100,000 people face famine in Unity State

Photo: Andrew Parsons/i-Images for Action Against Hunger, South Sudan February 21, 2017— Action Against Hunger issued an urgent call for political leadership to end the conflict in South Sudan in response to the official declaration of famine in Unity State, where an estimated 100,000 people face catastrophic levels of hunger and imminent risk of death. […]

Psychosocial Support Action Against Hunger

Treating the invisible injuries of war

Psychosocial programs help refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq overcome trauma By Florian Seriex, March 2016   When it comes to delivering humanitarian assistance to victims of conflict, most people would list food, clean water, shelter, and healthcare services as the most urgent priorities. Until fairly recently, humanitarian organizations focused their efforts on meeting the most […]

Displaced Action Against Hunger

The uncertain future of Iraq’s displaced

In August 2014, thousands of people fled the fighting in the Sinjar region and the Ninewah Governorate to Iraqi Kurdistan with stories of the displaced trapped in mountains. A year later, the situation remains almost unchanged. The majority of Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) left the temporary shelters to live in camps with haphazard standards, while […]

Human Rights Action Against Hunger

Yemen: Insecurity spirals after ceasefire breached

20 July 2015 – It took less than two hours to break the humanitarian ceasefire announced by the United Nations in Yemen. It was a second attempt to break the fighting in order to spend six days delivering aid to those who desperately need it before the end of Ramadan on 17 July. While the city […]