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four mothers - Safiya - Action Against Hunger

Meet four mothers who came to Action Against Hunger for help

Safiya gives her severely malnourished daughter Fardosa Plumpy’Nut at Yabelo General Hospital, Ethiopia. Photo: Peter Caton for Action Against Hunger In Ethiopia, over 35% of children suffer from malnutrition, and climate change is making the problem worse. Longer periods of drought mean that crops will not grow, and livestock have no grass to eat. In […]

Climate Change Action Against Hunger

Report highlights the major threats to meeting 2030 hunger goals

Despite international commitments to end global hunger over the next 13 years, chronic undernourishment still persists for at least 815 million people, with major hunger drivers, including an escalating number of conflicts worldwide and devastating climate change impacts, threatening any meaningful progress by 2030, according to new research written by the Inter-Agency Regional Analysts Network […]