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Alarming New Hunger Levels in Haiti: 1 in 3 People Urgently Need Food Aid

Rising political unrest and violence hamper access to aid With mounting violent unrest and pressure for President Jovenel Moïs to step down, 35 percent of the Haitian population – 3.67 million people – is now in urgent need of emergency food assistance. In a statement, Action Against Hunger’s Country Director in Haiti, Cedric Piriou said: […]

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#IDW2019: Fighting chronic malnutrition in Guatemala

Photo: Marily starts her trek to work at the health clinic. Photo by Lys Arango for Action Against Hunger Guatemala. In Chiquimula, Guatemala, Action Against Hunger is working hard to prevent and treat chronic malnutrition. Guatemala has the highest rate of chronic malnutrition in Latin America. 48% of Guatemalan children suffer from chronic malnutrition, reaching […]