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Cooking Demonstration - Action Against Hunger

“I do this work because I love children.” Meet nutritionist Gelaye Bekele

Gelaye giving a cooking demonstration at the IDP camp. Photo: Peter Caton for Action Against Hunger In a camp for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Guchi, Ethiopia, Gelaye Bekele is leading a cooking demonstration. She prepares a soup using spinach, potatoes and a little butter, explaining the nutritional benefits of the different ingredients and how […]

four mothers - Safiya - Action Against Hunger

Meet four mothers who came to Action Against Hunger for help

Safiya gives her severely malnourished daughter Fardosa Plumpy’Nut at Yabelo General Hospital, Ethiopia. Photo: Peter Caton for Action Against Hunger In Ethiopia, over 35% of children suffer from malnutrition, and climate change is making the problem worse. Longer periods of drought mean that crops will not grow, and livestock have no grass to eat. In […]

Mass Screenings - Action Against Hunger

How mass screenings are supporting the fight against malnutrition in Mali

A child’s nutrition status is assessed using a MUAC band (mid-upper arm circumference). Photo: Ben Stevens for Action Against Hunger, Mali Like most medical conditions, malnutrition can be best addressed and treated when it’s detected early. Mass screenings of children under five, as well as pregnant and lactating women – the groups most vulnerable to […]

SETH project - Action Against Hunger

Building Better Health Systems in Kenya and Guatemala through the Systems Enhancement for Transformative Health project

Health workers prepare the COVID screening station outside Naitili hospital in Kenya. Photo: Elphas Ngugi for Action Against Hunger, Kenya. Every child deserves a healthy start in life, and this can happen only when women have access to quality maternal care. This means access to well-functioning health facilities and trained health professionals throughout pregnancy, childbirth […]

Why Mental Health Matters in the Fight Against Hunger

Malnutrition can damage the bond between parents and children. At a refugee camp in Ethiopia, our psychosocial experts teach massage as a method to help mother and babies reconnect. Photo: Lys Arango for Action Against Hunger, Ethiopia. Effective mental health support plays an important role in the fight against hunger. When an individual experiences trauma […]

Flood Waters South Sudan - Action Against Hunger

“If I Go, Who Will Feed My Children?”

Gai Yor, a fisherman in South Sudan, saw his home and crops submerged when South Sudan experienced the worst flooding in decades last year. Photo: Peter Caton for Action Against Hunger, South Sudan. As his family flees flood waters in South Sudan, a father stays behind to ensure they have enough to eat. By Susan […]