Syrian Refugees: Over two million need help


“People arrive without any material belongings, but with so much fear. They fear for themselves, for the family members they left behind, and for not being able to return home.”

Paolo Lubrano, Country Director, Action Against Hunger – Lebanon

More than two million people have now fled Syria, often with little more than the clothes on their back. What can be done?

In the midst of this staggering milestone, ACF teams are continuing to provide relief to refugees in Lebanon and neighbouring countries. Present in Lebanon since 2006, our food security and water and sanitation programs have recently doubled as refugees continue to flee the growing instability in Syria. Our humanitarian experts are distributing ceramic filters for potable water, water storage tanks and emergency hygiene kits, providing safe water and raising hygiene standards. Teams have also launched new relief programs in the Lebanese border town of Masnaa, one of the busiest crossing points between Syria and Lebanon, to respond to the increasing influx of refugees.

The Mesnaa intervention, coordinated with the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR, supplements our work in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley; we’re helping more than 30,000 displaced Syrians with basic sanitation and hygiene there. We’re also working in southern Lebanon, prioritizing food distribution to the most vulnerable.

Of course, this is just one piece of a very big puzzle. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates on our critical work with Syrian refugees in the region.

Meanwhile – take action now! Donate to ACF and help us assist refugees in Syria and around the world.

Thank you – every donation and every effort makes a difference.

Camille DePutter, Director of Communications, Action contre la Faim, Canada


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