SMART+ is an all-in-one digital infrastructure designed to revolutionize the way nutrition data is collected, analyzed and shared.

SMART+ builds on the foundation of the SMART methodology, bringing today’s manual nutrition survey processes into the digital realm. SMART+ will provide a real-time global view of malnutrition on the ground, allowing governments, public health organizations and NGOs to identify where malnutrition is occurring so they can respond in a targeted, timely manner.

SMART+ streamlines today’s fragmented and time-consuming survey methods into an easy-to-use tool that incorporates the nutrition survey and reporting process from start to finish.

Mobile App: Rather than filling out extensive paperwork, survey teams can now record a child’s height, weight, and additional health indicators with a few clicks on a mobile device, directly from the field. The SMART+ team is working with leaders in augmented reality and artificial intelligence to integrate 3D body scanning technology for fast, reliable diagnosis. The integration of 3D body scanning will minimize the need for cumbersome equipment such as scales and measuring boards and reduce the distress children experience during the measurement process.

Platform: This centralized survey management tool allows survey coordinators to plan, monitor and nutrition surveys and share the results. The data collected in the field via the mobile app is automatically uploaded to the platform, so survey coordinators can continuously supervise their teams and track results in real-time.

Aggregator: The aggregator is a central, web-based repository that stores global SMART survey data. The aggregator pulls together different datasets so results can be displayed by geographical area on the dashboard. It also facilitates secondary data analyses, such as Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) analysis, and can contribute to AI algorithms that use standardized multisectorial data for famine prediction.

Dashboard: The dashboard provides a live visualization of global SMART survey results that can be viewed down to the subnational level. The dashboard will provide a clear picture of the nutrition situation and improve the decision-making process so funding can be properly allocated and prioritized and policies and programs can be designed accordingly.

SMART+ will resolve many of the issues of today’s malnutrition diagnosis and data collection procedures. Based on a recent predictive economic analysis, SMART+ is expected to provide significant, measurable improvements on the current manual model of SMART data collection, increasing the efficiency of the survey process by 60% while reducing costs by 40%. Streamlining the collection, analysis, and monitoring of nutrition data will allow stakeholders to better identify where intervention is needed, and facilitate a collaborative and coordinated response when a crisis occurs.


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SMART+ is spearheaded by the SMART initiative, hosted by Action Against Hunger Canada in collaboration with nutrition and technology leaders around the globe.

SMART+ is anticipated to launch in 2022.

You can monitor the SMART+ MVP (Minimum Viable Product) status here.