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You can change the way the world deals with malnutrition

We are breaking new ground on a project that will change the way that we deal with malnutrition around the world. Not just for us at Action Against Hunger – we’re creating a revolutionary tool for everyone (the nutrition sector, all NGOs, the UN, health ministries, etc).

Watch this short video. We promise you’ll see what we mean.

Right now, a child dies from malnutrition every 11 seconds. Action Against Hunger is working to stop this every day. Our staff are experts in finding and treating malnutrition, even in the most remote places. But the current system for diagnosing malnutrition can be difficult and distressing.

For example, before the SMART technology, we had to send survey teams into the wilderness with wooden boards, measuring tapes, weight scales and loads of paperwork to fill out.

Remember, we work in hard-to-reach areas of the world – like a mountain village in the Himalayas of Nepal, or deep in the bush of Ethiopia, miles and miles away from the nearest road, let alone town!

As uncomfortable as the process is for our team, the kids positively hate it. Frankly, you can’t blame them. If you watch the video, you can hear their heartbreaking cries.

We are excited to be launching a campaign this fall around a new project we are developing that will revolutionize this process: no more manual data entry, making babies cry or lugging paper across river beds.

SMARTplus: a digital tool that can do a nutrition assessment in a few simple clicks. Why is this amazing? Because it has completely streamlined the way we collect, store, and share data about malnutrition.

The technology exists, and we have the know-how to develop it, all we need is you to help us make it happen.


Let’s get started.


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