Seeing the forest and the trees: 15 Earth Day activities across Canada

According to the World Food Programme, climate change could cause a 20 per cent increase in global hunger by 2050 if we don’t take effective measures soon. This would add 175 million more people to the 795 million who currently struggle to get enough food to lead a healthy life.

While focus is often placed on decreasing the usage of fossil fuels, deforestation is another major contributor to global warming. An estimated 18 million acres of forest are lost every year due to human activities that convert natural forest to tree plantations, agriculture, pasture, water reservoirs and urban areas. That’s almost the size of Panama.

This year’s Earth Day is dedicated to raising awareness to protect our forest resources. An acre of mature trees could absorb the same amount of CO2 produced by driving the average car 26,000 miles. Natural forests also preserve water resources, filter harmful gases and help build more sustainable communities.

This 46th Earth Day we prepared a list of some activities Canadians can do to raise awareness in their communities.

Calgary, AB

  1. Earth Day Campus Clean Up at U of C

London, ON

  1. Green Initiatives at the Talbot Centre Mall

Montreal, QC

  1. Organic Wine Tasting
  2. Butterflies Go Free

Ottawa, ON

  1. KRP Properties CLEAN SWEEP

Toronto, ON

  1. Full Footprint of Coffee at Centre for Social Innovation Cafe
  2. Adventures in Low Carbon Living
  3. Rob Shirkey of Our Horizon Inspirational Talk

Vancouver, BC

  1. Go Vegan @ Telus Garden & Nosh Cafe
  2. Voices of Elders

Victoria, BC

  1. Earth Day Power Hour

Waterloo, ON

  1. Going 100% Renewable with Søren Hermansen
  2. E-Waste & Earth Day Event Westvale Community Association 

Winnipeg, MB

  1. Earth Day at Children’s Museum
  2. Tours of wetland, green building, and composting with Oak Hammock Marsh

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