Royal Garden

Why Gardens?

Show Harry & Meghan you care and give a gift in honour of their wedding that supports nutrition programs in Canada and over 50 countries.

Communities around the world and at home need gardens. This precious resource, in addition to the obvious nutritional benefits, empowers individuals, provides financial security, and reduces food insecurity.

Add a Plant to the Garden

Donate in honour of someone you know, and help our virtual garden grow!

Step 1: Click on a plant to begin!


Tom Corbett

Congrats to the happy couple!

Sylvia Maxwell

Dear Harry & Meghan, Wishing you a happy future together.

Jessie Casey

Can't wait to see Meghan's dress.

Erica Weaver

So exciting!

Amanda Mendez

Florence G

To H and M, Best wishes. xx

Shawna Hamilton

Congratulations to Harry and Meghan!

Tonya Austin

V. S.

Keep calm and Carrot on!

Joan GD

In honour of Benjamin: We are so proud of you, sending you all our love. Ma & Grandpa

To my one true love,

Still sad you turned down my marriage proposal, but so happy for you and Meghan, wish you both the best. - Yours always, Maurie

Cecilie Ann B

To Prince Harry & Meghan, I hope that your special day is wonderful, and I wish you both nothing but happiness in your future together.

Gardens Take Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger uses gardens in our work across the world.

To read more about how we use gardens in our work, check out our latest blog post: 28 times we’ve used gardens in the fight against malnutrition.