Reflections on 2015 from our Executive Director

Danny Glenwright Action Against Hunger

We don’t often hear about children starving to death in Canada. In many other places around the world, they continue to go without food.

This unfortunate reality makes your compassion and support essential.  Thank you for supporting Action Against Hunger in 2015.

Your support this year helped us provide assistance around the world, including responding to Ebola in West Africa, assisting victims of the earthquake in Nepal and caring for refugees fleeing war in Syria.

Thanks to your generosity, Action Against Hunger comes to the aid of thousands of people each month, including in Iraq, where you are helping us provide food aid to about 180,000 people, representing almost one fifth of the total displaced population of Kurdistan.

Action Against Hunger facilitated positive change and saved lives in every country we worked in this year, thanks to you.

As we look ahead to 2016, the forecast remains uncertain. Droughts brought on by erratic weather patterns look likely to exact a toll on food production in places like Guatemala, Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea. Meanwhile, Syrian refugees in Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon continue to need your help accessing clean water, food and hygiene supplies.

Your support and investment will ensure we can continue to accomplish the crucial work of saving lives. Ongoing global instability makes it more important than ever.

Thank you for believing that no child should ever go hungry.

All the best of the season and a very happy new year!

With gratitude,

Danny Glenwright,
Executive Director


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