Students Against Hunger

The Race Against Hunger is a service learning campaign started in France in 1997, that unites students from all over the world in the fight against global hunger and malnutrition. Tapping into the great potential of youth to become powerful agents of change, the Race aims to educate Canadian students about the causes of global and domestic hunger and inspire them to be a part of the solution.
The educational component of the Race involves subject-based learning activities to educate students about the issues around global hunger. We have designed these activities to meet curriculum requirements so that educators can easily implement them in a classroom setting. After the educational component, students will have the opportunity to become actively involved in the fight against hunger by participating in a “fun-run” event. Students will seek sponsorships for the event, and the proceeds raised by students will directly support Action Against Hunger’s life-saving programs around the world. The Race can take place in a gym, on a track or sports field, around city blocks, in a local park or even on school grounds, depending on what works best for your school. The program is designed to be tailored to fit the needs of each school, so be creative!
The Race Against Hunger is comprised of two events. First students take part in an Awareness Session at their school. During this session students learn about malnutrition, and have the opportunity to ask questions about ACF and malnutrition. In 2013, we held Awareness Sessions across Ontario and Quebec! Some of the schools involved were Collège International Marie de France, École Secondaire Étienne Brûlé, Collège Français and École Secondaire Roméo Dallaire.
The second part of the Race Against Hunger is the Race Day which is held at schools across Canada and gives students the opportunity to earn donations by running as many laps as they can. The more laps they run, the more sponsorship the students receive! It’s a fun event that fosters good natured competition amongst students and celebrates the solidarity of the global Race Against Hunger movement.

Why Race Against Hunger?

  • Enrich your curriculum by incorporating global issues into classroom activities.
  • Foster a sense of community and global citizenship among students.
  • Join the fight against hunger by spreading awareness in your school and community.
  • Help children around the world who suffer from hunger and malnutrition.

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