Action Against Hunger Canada leads and champions SMART, a nutritional survey methodology that provides up-to-date and reliable information on global hunger. We are the global convener for all humanitarian agencies undertaking nutrition surveys.

This is just one way SMART helps Action Against Hunger and other agencies gather and interpret up-to-date, relevant information on nutrition and mortality. This information is pivotal for decision-making and designing interventions that take into account vulnerable populations’ needs.

More about SMART

SMART (Standardized Monitoring and Assessment of Relief and Transition) is an inter-agency initiative launched in 2002 to reform and harmonize assessments for humanitarian interventions.

Developed by a network of organisations and humanitarian practitioners including donors, policymakers, and leading experts in emergency epidemiology and nutrition, food security, early warning systems, and demography, SMART provides a standardised methodology of undertaking surveys to collect information on the two most vital, public health indicators in assessing the severity of a humanitarian crisis: the nutritional status of children under-five and the mortality rate of the population. These indicators are useful for prioritizing resources as as the overall impact of the relief response.

Since 2009, the Global Nutrition Cluster appointed Action Against Hunger Canada as the project convener for SMART for all agencies’ needs with regards to the methodology. With more than 2,000 people trained by Action Against Hunger Canada in SMART from over 25 countries, Action Against Hunger Canada is the lead agency serving as a technical resource for building capacity and providing technical survey support in SMART.

To find out more visit the SMART Methodology site

SMART a Nutritional Survey