Press Release: Typhoon Haiyan – A Logistical Disaster

|November 13, 2013 11:03am|

More than 4 days after Typhoon Haiyan, the situation remains critical for the 9.8 million people living in the affected areas. The immediate priorities are housing, food, water and sanitation. The Tacloban Airport was almost completely destroyed, which makes it more difficult to access the most devastated zones. While the United Nations are appealing for $301 million to rescue those who survived, governments and political leaders need to quickly release the necessary funds in order to deploy humanitarian aid.

Action Against Hunger believes that the international community has not mobilized enough funds or aid in comparison to the needs on the ground. More than 4 days after the disaster, most of the institutional donors have yet to communicate to the NGOs their funding intentions.

“The situation is dreadful. I have worked on numerous emergency responses, but it is the worst by far. The affected zone is devastated and the airport is virtually destroyed. The army is trying to set up a temporary camp while facilitating access to the landing strip to start distributing aid,” explains Maffy Sibol, in charge of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Action Against Hunger in the Philippines.

Day after day, death toll keeps rising, with more than 10.000 deaths estimated for the city of Tacloban alone. This morning, a 4.8 magnitude earthquake hit the southern islands of Bohol and Cebu. Though a minor tremor on the Richter scale, it is adding to the trauma the population is experiencing.

Now, our teams in Cebu are getting ready to receive the 21 tons of materials which are being delivered from Madrid and Lyon. A thousand people are on the ground which includes 17 emergency experts who are present in Tacloban, Capiz, Bohol and Cebu. They are preparing to assist 1 million people.

Given the scale of the disaster and the difficulties to access the people and areas, the logistical challenges remain tremendous. Moreover, bad weather conditions and security problems in the city of Tacloban are adding to the situation.

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