Press Release: Typhoon Haiyan, 72 hours into the emergency

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|November 12, 2013 11:32am|

via Action Against Hunger France

72 hours after Typhoon Haiyan, Action Against Hunger teams continue to mobilize to deliver emergency humanitarian assistance to affected populations. Our teams in Tacloban , Bohol and Masbate have identified the most affected and the most vulnerable areas where people continue to experience an apocalyptic situation.

A special plane took off today from Madrid containing six tons of equipment for water treatment and construction of emergency latrines, as well as tarpaulins and generators.

“This is a public health emergency. We must provide as soon as possible the most essential vital aid and efforts to prevent the occurrence and spread of disease. Among the essentials are clean drinking water, survival gear for each family, and emergency food,” says Vincent Taillandier, Director of Operations, Action contre la Faim, France.

“Due to the destruction of infrastructure, and the natural isolation of the islands of the archipelago, NGOs face a logistical challenge which now requires pragmatism and adaptability, while working closely with the authorities and local structures,” explains Taillandier.

21 tons of emergency equipment bound for the Philippines

Not less than 21 tonnes of emergency supplies have been sent or are on their way to the Philippines, less than 72 hours after the typhoon. These supplies include: water purification stations and equipment, drinking water supplies, latrines, and relief kits for families (kitchen utensils , buckets, soap, blankets , tarpaulins, etc).

A second plane will depart from Lyon shortly to deliver an on-site water treatment plant and 550 survival kits to serve 3,000 people. Four other aircrafts are scheduled to take off by the end of the week. All of this material complements the contingency stocks that were pre-positioned in the country.

“Despite the significant mobilization of donors (400,000 at present), ACF renews its appeal for donations because the needs are immense: today, more than 9 million people need vital help. For example, chartering a cargo plane alone costs hundreds of thousands of Euros,” says Taillandier.

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