Press Release – Action Against Hunger and Canadian Forces Deliver Food to 2,000 Isolated Children in Philippines

Photo credit: Lucile Grosjean/ACF International

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November 29, 2013.

With help from the Canadian Armed Forces, humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger (Action contre la Faim / “ACF”) delivered food to nearly 2,000 isolated children in the centre of Panay island yesterday.

Through the use of the Canadian Armed Forces’ helicopter, ACF delivered 5.8 tonnes of high-protein biscuits to 6 areas in the centre of the island of Panay, where no NGO had been able to reach since the disaster.

Nearly 2,000 children under five and over 200 pregnant or lactating women received food through the cooperative effort between ACF, the Canadian armed forces, and people of the local community.

Panay island resident Elisabeth Bardero walked over two hours on foot with her six-month old daughter Aisa to attend the food distribution. “I thought that with a little luck, there would be something for us,” said Bardero, whose house was completely destroyed. “We eat mostly rice, because we have nothing else. Two of my children are sick at the moment: they have the flu because of the conditions we live in.”

Explained Nilfa Diclaro, Department of Agriculture, Burias: “80 per cent of the population is poor here. Almost everyone is a farmer and they have only the food they grow. Most crops have rotted; even if farmers replant now it will take 8 months for bananas and cassava to grow. The nearest market is an eight kilometer walk and prices have increased significantly.”

Said ACF logistician Charlotte Schneider, “These extremely isolated communities were struggling even before the typhoon hit. We could never have reached these desperate people without the use of the Canadian Armed Forces’ helicopter.”

“More long-term work is needed to support families until the next harvest and help farmers re-plant, added Schneider. “Meanwhile, distributions of NRG5 (the high protein biscuit) are a good way to supplement the inadequate food supply.”

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