Our Values and Principles

Our Values

Responding to needs

Action Against Hunger is a needs-driven organization with a primary focus of targeting the most vulnerable groups — especially women, the elderly, and children. All of our activities aim to maintain and/or restore human dignity.

Sharing internationally recognized humanitarian values

Action Against Hunger abides by the following values of humanitarian responsibility in carrying out its work.

  • Do no harm — Action Against Hunger acts responsibly to ensure that its activities do not adversely affect local communities or any stakeholders.
  • Promote cooperation and collaboration with national and international stakeholders to provide assistance to vulnerable people and to share our knowledge with local partners.

Addressing the underlying causes of hunger

Action Against Hunger promotes a comprehensive approach to address the underlying causes of hunger by integrating our competence in nutrition, food security, water and sanitation, whenever possible.

  • Program development includes a global analysis of the context (political, social, historical, ethnic, economic, etc.)
  • Program development also includes a global assessment of people’s needs and efforts to coordinate with other NGOs and public services to cover any requirements outside of our scope of activities.

Working with communities

As much as possible, Action Against Hunger works with communities to define, implement and evaluate the projects.

Respecting the environment

Action Against Hunger seeks environmentally-friendly solutions in its programs.

Meeting targets

Action Against Hunger programs have a defined time frame and aim to restore self-sufficiency and independence to vulnerable populations throughout the world.

Transparency and Accountability

As you will see in our Charter of Principles, we take transparency and accountability very seriously.
In 2018, Action Against Hunger spent $0.95 of every donated dollar on program activities. A quick break-down of our funds for 2018:

  • Program services: 95.25%
  • Fundraising: 3.1%
  • Management & 1.65%


This information can also be found on the Canada Revenue Agency website.

We also ensure that key financial information is publicly available and our programs are externally reviewed, and shared.

Our Principles

Charter of Principles

In carrying out our activities, all members adhere to a charter of principles that form the foundation of our humanitarian commitment: independence, impartiality, non-discrimination, free and direct access, professionalism and transparency.


Action Against Hunger acts according to its own principles in order to maintain its moral and financial independence. Action Against Hunger’s actions are not defined in terms of domestic or foreign policies, nor does the organization act in the interest of any government.


Action Against Hunger maintains a strict political and religious neutrality. Nevertheless, Action Against Hunger can denounce human rights violations it witnesses as well as obstacles put in the way of its humanitarian activities.


A victim is a victim. Action Against Hunger rejects all discrimination based on ethnicity, nationality, opinion, race, religion, sex or social class.

Free and direct access

Action Against Hunger demands free access to victims and direct control of its programs. Action Against Hunger uses all means available to achieve this goal, and will denounce and act against obstacles that prevent the organisation from doing so. Action Against Hunger also verifies the allocation of its resources to ensure that they reach those individuals for whom they are destined. Under no circumstances can partners working together with or alongside Action Against Hunger become the ultimate beneficiaries of Action Against Hunger’s aid programs.


To maximize its efficiency and use of resources, Action Against Hunger bases the assessment, conception, management and realization of its programs on the highest professional standards and its years of experience.


Action Against Hunger is committed to respecting a policy of transparency and disclosure for its beneficiaries, donors and partners by making available all information on the allocation and management of its funds, and by providing independent verification of its good management.
To learn about how our Charter of Principles is applied in conflict situations, read the Humanitarian Principles in Conflict paper produced by Action Against Hunger International.