One donation, twice the impact: Government of Canada announces Famine Relief Fund

Famine in South Sudan - Action Against Hunger


The Government of Canada has just launched the Famine Relief Fund in response to the humanitarian crises taking place in South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen. This means a donation made between March 17th and June 30th 2017 will have twice the impact. For every dollar donated to our famine relief efforts, they will set aside the same amount for the Famine Relief Fund.

Pictured above is Keynyang, from South Sudan. Right now, his story doesn’t yet have a happy ending. As you’re reading this, Keynyang is fighting to survive amidst the food crisis that’s currently plaguing South Sudan – but YOU can help Keynyang get the happy ending he deserves.

The United Nations declared famine in South Sudan earlier this year, the first famine in the world since 2011. During a famine, around a third of people can’t get enough food to eat, no matter how hard they try. But famine doesn’t just mean being hungry or not having food, it means that people are starving to death. Famine means at least four in every 10,000 children under five years old are dying per day. And here’s the thing: starving to death doesn’t happen overnight. It’s 100% preventable. You can help prevent this tragic loss of life.

Keynyang, who’s only 13 years old, is right in the middle of this disaster in Northern Bahr el Ghazal, South Sudan. Action Against Hunger already provided emergency treatment to Keynyang’s severely malnourished baby brother, and helped his mother with programs providing clean water, and sanitation.

Action Against Hunger is reaching 349,500 people in South Sudan with urgent humanitarian assistance. We cannot do this great work without your help.

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The story of Keynyang and thousands of kids like him is in the present tense. We’re partnering with displaced families like Keynyang’s to plant vegetable gardens for food and income, as well as provide cash-for-work programs to meet urgent food needs. These programs help to create a longer term solution in Keynyang’s region. It’s a serious, grave, situation that’s unfolding in South Sudan right now, but it’s not unsolvable.

Action Against Hunger is a critical part of the solution and we can only do it with you, standing beside us. So thank you for believing in us and the work we do.

We need you to take urgent action today to prevent children from sliding even deeper into tragedy. The time to act is now to help children survive. I know there are other good organizations that will seek your help, so please know how honoured we are when you decide to make a gift to support Action Against Hunger’s life-saving work.

Donate before June 30th 2017 for your donation to qualify for the Government of Canada’s Famine Relief Fund.
Thank you for believing in a better future for kids like Keynyang.


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