Meet Scott!

Scott Logue conducting a SMART survey in Paletwa, Chin State, Myanmar. 

In recognition of International Development Week 2015, ACF-Canada is showcasing the inspiring people behind our development work.

Scott Logue is one of these individuals. Scott was drawn to development work during his Master’s degree in nutrition, when he worked in an orphanage in Tanzania for three months.

Tasked to consult with Tanzanian doctors about micronutrient deficiencies among the orphans, Scott approached his colleagues with the idea that the orphanage’s plot of land could be used to cultivate nutrient-rich crops, which would be effective for preventing malnutrition. Without incurring any new expenses, Scott found a way to produce food that prevented health problems among orphans in the first place.

Proud of this laudable achievement, Scott describes how he went on to dedicate his career to improving nutrition in under-developed contexts. Scott has since returned to Tanzania, and also taken his expertise to West Africa, South and Southeast Asia and the Middle East. He not only conducts SMART nutritional surveys in the regions, but also trains local staff to conduct surveys themselves. More importantly, Scott helps to advocate for governments to systematize nutritional surveys in countries with high levels of malnutrition but little data on which to base an intervention.


Scott Logue demonstrating how to measure a child for key indicators of malnutrition in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

As a Canadian working in international development, Scott describes how rewarding it is to work with teams in other countries and cultures. Training his team members to do such important work, watching them continue to learn and train others – there’s just nothing like it.

With thousands of people working to find sustainable solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems, Canadians have long been leaders in international development. This week we celebrate the individuals who dedicate their professional careers to such demanding work, and who, like Scott, have had a lasting impact on the world.


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