McGill Students Join the Fight Against World Hunger

Photos by Freda Megan Crook, Story by Elizabeth Shelley

The fight against world hunger takes a village – so to speak. At Action Against Hunger Canada (ACF) we recognize the importance of engaging Canadians at all levels, and bringing in all who are passionate about ending global malnutrition to contribute. And every once in a while, inspired individuals set a really impressive example.

ACF-Canada proudly acknowledges a dedicated group of students at McGill who executed a highly successful bake sale to help in the fight against global hunger. Orchestrated by Freda Megan Crook, the bake sale was held last November on McGill’s campus. Along with four fellow students, Freda recruited more than 30 volunteer bakers, all of them eager to get involved and contribute to the cause.

In addition to providing cakes and sweets, Freda and her team of volunteers also worked to generate awareness about ACF-Canada and to promote our mission to put an end to global malnutrition. The team provided pamphlets and brochures to all of their customers, describing ACF’s work to help millions of dangerously undernourished mothers and children around the world. Freda and her team showed students what their money would contribute to, and how purchasing a piece of cake could help to save lives.


Action Contre la Faim is an international humanitarian organization that fights malnutrition and its root causes worldwide. With over 35 years of experience in conflict zones, natural disasters and response to food crises, ACF is a global leader in the fight against hunger. In 2013, ACF worked in 47 different countries around the world, with more than 5000 employees and volunteers helping 9 million people in need.

ACF is always looking for motivated people like Freda to contribute to our cause. Defeating global hunger is finally within our reach, and we need your help! Find out how you can get involved today, and help us to end malnutrition!


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