Love Food Give Food Spotlight: Lisa Marie

Pictured: Lisa Marie’s chef, Matt Basile, and his featured Kungpow Cauliflower

Love Food Give Food, running for the months of April and May, is Action Against Hunger’s annual event to unite food lovers with restaurants that are passionate about ending global hunger. This year we’re shining the spotlight on one of our participating restaurants each Wednesday. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Matt Basile of Lisa Marie. We asked him some questions:

Why does Action Against Hunger matter to you?
Because food is love and everyone should have the right to share a meal.

What is your Love Food Give Food dish and why did you pick it?
Our featured item is our Kungpow cauliflower. It’s incredibly popular so that means more money for the charity.

Finish this sentence: Lisa Marie is the best spot for…?
Chillin and eating

Pineapple on pizza: yay/nay? Nayyyyyyy

Anything else you want to say or share? Can’t wait until next year.

Lisa Marie is on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, in addition to their website.

Lisa Marie is located at 638 Queen St W, Toronto.

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