Love Food Give Food Spotlight: Laylow Beer Bar & Eatery

Pictured: Owner Dan Boniferro and Laylow’s Porchetta Poutine

Love Food Give Food, running for the months of April and May, is Action Against Hunger’s annual event to unite food lovers with restaurants that are passionate about ending global hunger. This year we’re shining the spotlight on one of our participating restaurants each Wednesday. This week, we’d like to introduce you to Dan Boniferro from Laylow Beer Bar & Eatery! We asked him some questions:

Why does Action Against Hunger matter to you?

Action Against Hunger matters to me because, to put it simply, NO ONE should go HUNGRY. It is a basic human right and here at Laylow, we care about the human race and want to do our part to fill some people up.

What is your Love Food Give Food dish and why did you pick it?

Our Love Food Give Food dish is the Porchetta Poutine, with herb marinated cheese curds, gravy, parsley and fried rosemary.
We picked the poutine as it is our most popular dish since opening Laylow back in September. It’s an easy sell and sure to make a good contribution to Action Against Hunger.

Finish this sentence: Laylow Beer Bar & Eatery is the best spot to… UNPLUG and UNWIND. Drink in-house brews and listen to socially conscious hip hop with a touch of jazz, funk and soul for the mature hip hop head.

Pineapple on pizza, yay/nay?  YAY 100%.

Anything else you want to say or share: We host weekly and monthly events including nights dedicated to comedy, DJs, trivia, spoken word and kitchen takeovers. Follow us on Instagram @laylowto to stay up to date!


Laylow Beer Bar & Eatery is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in addition to their website,

1144 College St.
Toronto, ON

Sunday to Thursday: 5pm – midnight
Weekend Brunch: 10am – 3pm
Friday to Saturday: 3pm – 2am

Don’t forget to check out all participating Love Food Give Food restaurants.


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