Action Against Hunger is committed to constantly learning and improving on how best to take on the fight against hunger. As highlighted in our international strategic plan for 2020, “we are always innovating, always seeking the next breakthrough. Radical, ingenious ideas are waiting to be discovered. There is always a better way.”

In Action Against Hunger we believe that better quality and more accountable programming requires stronger, easy-to-use evidence. This evidence should be accessible to all key stakeholders so that it can inform decision-making and improve the quality of our programme design and delivery. We believe it is essential to share and learn from what works and what does not. We can learn a lot from both our successes and our mistakes if we exchange what we have learnt and be open to learning from one another.

The annual Learning Review acts as a channel for Action Against Hunger staff to reflect on their work and share what they have learnt in order to help others improve their current practices. It is also a space to explore some of the hard discussions we face in our commitment to ending hunger. Approaches that have been tested and yield promising results or have brought up particular challenges, testimonies of impact, after action reviews and reflections, significant evaluation and research findings – all are part of the organisational learning that fits into the Learning Review.

PDF of the report here.