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Action Against Hunger is currently providing aid in response to COVID-19 in 44 countries around the world.

Like you, we are very concerned about the increases in hunger due to pandemic lockdowns that are disrupting food systems that were already fragile in many places. The UN says the number of people dying from hunger or hunger-related diseases could double this year!

Already, more children around the world have died from hunger this year than the total number of people who have died because of COVID-19.

The good news is that hunger is treatable and preventable and organizations like Action Against Hunger have managed to reduce global hunger by 50% in the last 30 years. It would be devastating to let COVID-19 erase all those gains now, which is why we need your help today.

  • $45 can provide full life-saving treatment for a severely malnourished child
  • $150 can provide a family of six with soap, masks, gloves and water purification tablets for one month
  • $500 can support two tracers to work alongside the ministry of health in cities like Yaoundé, Cameroon

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