International Development Week 2015

Photo by Vojta Vancura, Burkina Faso 2014. 

Canada and Canadians have made significant achievements in the area of international development. Canada is leading global action to improve maternal, newborn, and child health (MNCH) – in May 2014 Prime Minister Stephen Harper committed $3.5 billion dollars from to improve MNCH around the world. Thanks to Canada’s leadership, maternal mortality rates are declining and millions more children are celebrating their fifth birthdays.

ACF has been a committed partner to the Canadian Government in improving MNCH and combatting global malnutrition. ACF and DFATD continue to provide life-saving assistance to conflict- and disaster-affected communities, ensuring that families have access to proper nutrition and safe water. ACF and DFATD have assisted millions of pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as newborns and children, in countries ranging from Afghanistan, Colombia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This International Development Week we at ACF celebrate these achievements, and recognize that our partnership with the Canadian Government has been an integral component of our success.

While we have made significant achievements, 2015 is the year we can finally aim to end preventable death from malnutrition. The Global Nutrition Report highlights not only the social and economic benefits of ending global malnutrition, but also calls for the reduction of malnourished children under five affected by stunting and wasting by at least 50% in the Sustainable Development Goals.

This International Development Week, we at ACF are calling for the international community to set ambitious targets for improving maternal and child nutrition. For the first time ever, we know how to end preventable deaths from malnutrition, and 2015 is the year to put our words into action.

You can take action this IDW:

–     Make a Donation to ACF

–     Educate yourself and help us spread the world

–     Tell your government you want them to act now

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