International Annual Report 2019

International Annual Report 2019 - Action Against Hunger

The International Annual Report 2019 highlights the ways in which our country offices have contributed to achieving a world free from hunger, through several sectors and focuses.

There are three major aims of the International Strategic Plan 2016-20: to mitigate the consequences of hunger; to address the causes of hunger; and to change the way hunger is viewed and addressed. These aims contribute towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Zero hunger, good health, gender equality, and clean water and sanitation are the four Sustainable Development Goals emphasised by our International Strategic Plan 2016-20.

Our aims are framed by Action Against Hunger’s theory of change. This is an overarching guide for achieving a world free from hunger. It outlines our four crosscutting tools: powerful and legitimate voice; transfer of our knowledge and expertise; operational capacity; and technical expertise and innovation.

Action Against Hunger’s ambition of a world free from hunger translates through a comprehensive variety of humanitarian and development interventions, spanning from livelihood to nutrition, from advocacy to research.

Our actions focus on immediate support to save lives, to prevent causes of malnutrition, help to mitigate factors that contribute to crisis and deliver development initiatives and sustainable solutions.

In 2019, Action Against Hunger operated in 46 countries worldwide providing assistance in the sectors of nutrition, health, WaSH (water, hygiene and sanitation), food security, livelihoods and disaster risk management (DRM).

Overall, 40 per cent of the beneficiaries (6,983,097 individuals) were reached in high burden countries while 60 per cent (10,453,254) in the rest of the countries where the organisation operates.

PDF of the report here.