In 2016, you helped us find solutions to malnutrition in Guatemala. Thank you!

Guatemala’s children have the highest rates of chronic malnutrition in Latin America.

When children do not eat enough diverse foods, their growth is stunted. This affects their energy levels and ability to learn – which means malnourished children will most likely earn less when they become adults, repeating the cycle of poverty.

Without your help, this could have been Griselda Roque’s story. She is the middle child of a single mother-led household. She is four-years-old and lives in a small rural community called El Filo, in a part of the country affected by drought.

Thanks to your support, Action Against Hunger carries out nutritional monitoring visits in the area. After diagnosing Griselda with severe acute malnutrition, our teams brought her to a Nutritional Recuperation Centre. Within a few weeks, she had gained enough weight and we sent her home – smiling, laughing and playing along with the other children. Thank you for your role in this success story.

Your ongoing commitment to our work in Guatemala enables us to monitor Griselda’s health and coordinate special treatments for any other health issues she might encounter. In addition, you generosity helps us provide food and other resources to families like hers that have been affected by financial shocks caused by drought.

You saved Griselda’s life from the devastation of acute malnutrition. You helped us find solutions to the complex problems surrounding malnutrition. You provide hope and opportunities to families in Guatemala. Thank you!


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