In 2016, you helped children in Mali recover from severe undernutrition – Thank you!

Imagine one of your children got sick but the nearest medical clinic was 40 km away and you had to walk to it, leaving your other children alone for many hours.

In some parts of Mali, this was historically the reality for local families. It’s what Namusa Nomoga experienced. A mother of four, she also works to provide for her children by growing lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Her husband works as a seasonal farmer, which means he is forced to spend time away from his family. One day last year, Namusa noticed that something was wrong with their two-year old son, Samakoun. He had developed a temperature and stopped eating.

Thanks to your support, Action Against Hunger’s team in Mali was able to help Numasa and Samakoun. Your generosity has ensured that we can set up mobile health clinics in remote places in Mali. Your assistance also helps us empower community health workers who can now diagnose and treat children closer to their homes.

Thanks to your support, Malian children like Samakoun now receive access to basic health care. Community health workers weighed and measured the 2-year-old, diagnosing him with undernutrition. Your commitment to children’s nutrition, wherever in the world they live, meant we had the resources to provide Samakoun with ready-to-use therapeutic food, which we use to treat undernourished children. He is now healthy again and Namusa is relieved she didn’t have to miss several days of work in order to walk the long distance to the nearest hospital.

Thank you for helping us save this precious life and for providing hope to this family.


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