Hunger Heroes: Kula Yoga

Kula Yoga and Action Against Hunger

Our partners provide crucial support to our programs, helping us save lives and make lasting change. We are excited to share their stories with you.

We spoke to Colin Mathews, the owner of Kula Yoga, about what motivates him to support Action Against Hunger’s work in a new series: Hunger Heroes.

Kula is a yoga studio with two locations – one in Toronto’s Annex and the second in Oakville.

What started your interest in yoga?

Having broken my neck at 4 years of age, I grew up unaware that I was in pain and was suffering as a result.  By the time I turned 25, I was suffering from chronic shoulder tendonitis as a result of my accident and decided to give Yoga a try to see if it would help in my chosen sport of rock climbing.  After my first class, I felt so alive, and I experienced some relief from my pain…that I was able to affect myself. I was hooked.

When did you start running karma classes at Kula Yoga and what inspired you to do so?

We have been running Karma, or donation based classes, since I opened my first studio in 2003.  To me, having an offering that focuses on giving back in an integral part of any conscious business.

You have been a very generous partner to Action Against Hunger. What made you decide to team up with Action Against Hunger for a whole year of karma classes?

During my university years, I went through a period where funds were really tight for me, and as a result my food security was front and centre in my existence.  While it was nowhere near on the scale of what millions of people around the world face, it gave me a sense of what it is like to not have a basic need met. Nourishment is at the foundation of what is required to exist as a human being, and I was moved in the ways that Action Against Hunger is working to support global nourishment.

Why does the issue of malnutrition and hunger matter to you?

I have a deep desire to support healing in our world.  Healing deeper issues that we all have isn’t possible when our most basic need for nourishment isn’t being met.  To me, Action Against Hunger is doing important and powerful healing work that is at the foundations of all of our needs as human beings.